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Writer. Producer. Engineer.

Musical visionary, award winning producer, writer and artist, DreLovesGod has worked with some of the industry's most talented artist in his over 25-year career. While he's an artist at heart, he is most joyous when he is in the producer seat, and able to share his wealth of creative knowledge, tricks, trades and creative vision with those in the studio. DreLovesGod has produced numerous tracks for numerous projects. In addition to creating tracks, writing songs for and collaborating with some incredible musically gifted individuals, DreLovesGod has many friends in the industry, and those who trust and valuable his advice and call on him. His latest work includes over fourty songs for three hit gospel stage plays, one faith-based sitcom and one faith-based upcoming Christmas film.

For Your Enjoyment

212 Vernon Place The TV Show

Finding Her Voice the Stage Play Soundtrack

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